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Easy to take care of the shower room is your best choice

Before the bathroom is usually the toilet and shower room together, and now the toilet with toilet, so if we do not pay attention to the health bath room is very healthy, of course, with improvement of health consciousness, many of the bathroom inside has been installed simple shower room the, so although separated from the bathroom and shower room, but there are still health problem.

With the arrival of summer, the bathroom to clean more diligent, otherwise there will become a hotbed of bacteria, insects, and key parts and in the toilet and shower room, if people with bath, bath is also the focus of the clean, the toilet ring most easily splash to bacteria. It is said that the 100000000 bacterial viruses into the toilet, the virus has spilled into the lap 3000. So the toilet seat needs to be cleaned every day.

The cleaning method is not complicated, every one or two days, with the dilution of disinfection liquid to clean the seat ring. At the same time, after using the toilet, she will be easy to lift, and the next person before use, first wipe with a towel. Please the part-time people to pay special attention to, because the hour union with grazed in other parts of the cloth to wipe the seat ring, which is extremely health, like the private office or cleaning his own comfort.

If you encounter a toilet a stench, first check the toilet wall, the pipe outlet whether to stay stains. This season, every time to flush the toilet should be careful, if necessary, with a toilet brush to clean, otherwise easy to form macular stains, mildew and bacteria. In addition to near the mouth of the pipe, toilet water outlet and a base outside is the filth of the place, cleaning can put off the toilet ring, and toilet cleaner spray inside, after a few minutes, reoccupy toilet brush thoroughly scrub again, the best brush with a fine head. Only in this way can better clean the edge of the toilet and the export pipeline depths.

Odor may also not from the toilet, but the toilet brush toilet brush, wet toilet brush is casually thrown in the bathroom, as everyone knows, it will also become a source of pollution. Every time after using toilet brush, it will be the first flush of a water, then drain the water, spray a little disinfectant in the above. Every half a month, and then use disinfectant soaked toilet brush. Toilet brush must be placed in the right place, it is best to hang up, do not put in the corner, the kind of hardware store to sell the toilet brush containers can not be used.

Finally, flush the toilet, remember to cover the lid. Because, in the scouring process some of the naked eye see not see the bacteria would be spinning air into the air, now home bathroom design are often toilet, wash gargle, shower one, towels, toothbrush, cup basic are exposed on the outside, bacteria will eventually fall in these activities, lead to the disease from the mouth.

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