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Sanitary ware installation knowledge and installation standard

Sanitary ware installation is hard and put the finishing touches on early for sanitary ware selected, in hard mounted at the end of the time, the installation of sanitary ware is not simple, although very small engineering but many many details, such as bathroom toilet installation to make a series of measures drainage surfing bathtub, then the following Xiaobian is Yakeli bath crock to everyone introduced installation, sanitary ware, bathroom and some knowledge of installation specification, help owners decoration decoration smoothly.
Basic common sense of sanitary ware installation
(a) sanitary ware installation and construction process
Sanitary ware inlaid affixed to the wall, ceiling, laying tiles, the installation of toilet, washbasin, tub, installed and connected to the drainage pipe, mount the lamp, socket, mirror, towel bar installation and other hardware accessories.
1 the process flow of the toilet
Check the ground water outlet pipe, alignment nozzle, flat looking for is to draw good mark, punched a hole, apply putty, good rubber cushion, screw on the nuts, and the water tank on the back of the two side holes painted mark, punch - > > insert bolt and twist in prison, a back water tank hanging flat to find positive, screw nut, an hold back water tank of a water elbow, installed Bazimen, lamp Niang fork curved, into the floating gate and a character, tighten the nut.
2 wash basin process
Expansion bolt is inserted into, twist firmly, basin pipe rack, the washbasin placed on the shelf for smooth, water connection: connect the washbasin, straightening, Sheung Shui.
3 bath process
Installation: to bath water installation, and installation, water tight sealing putty leveling and alignment test
4 process flow of shower
Cold, hot water pipe with tube find flat to a short size, mounted to the nozzle, shower copper intake wiping lead oil, wrapped, nut, fixed on the wall, the upper part of the copper pipe installed on the opening of the three links, wood screws fixed to the wall.
Process 5 bidet
Hybrid switch, hot and cold water gate door cover and adjustable nut Euparagonimus, Watergate, installed, a nozzle rotating core doors installed, hot and cold Watergate export nut mixing, switch on the nut, installed three Watergate door cover, magnetic pots installation, installation of the nozzle, mount the outlet to install hand pulling rod, adjustable positioning.
The basic flow of sanitary ware installation
(two) sanitary ware installation construction essentials
1, sanitary ware washing basin installation construction method:
(1) the product of the washing basin shall be smooth and nondestructive. The drain plug shall have no less than 8mm diameter of the overflow hole.
(2) the drain plug and the washing basin shall be aimed at the drain plug overflow hole to be aimed at the overflow hole of the washing basin to ensure the overflow part is smooth, and the upper end face of the drain plug shall be lower than the washing basin.
(3) fixed bracket bolts can use not less than 6mm galvanized spanner bolts or galvanized metal expansion bolts (such as wall is porous brick, it is strictly prohibited to use expansion bolts).
(4) the washing basin and the drain pipe shall be firmly fixed, and shall be removed and the connection shall not be opened. Washing basin and wall contact the Department of applied silicon paste.
(5) such as a washing basin drain water and water tap is the product of the plating bath, the coating shall not be damaged during installation.
2 installation essentials, sanitary bath:
(1) in the installation of the apron bathtub. At the bottom of the skirt plate should be close to the ground floor in the drainage should reserve 250 ~ 300mm holes, easy to install drainage, in the end wall bathtub drainage set manhole.
(2) other types of bath tub can determine the height of plane according to relevant standards or user needs. Then ask two brick foundation after the installation of the bathtub. As the bathtub side skirt masonry wall, should be in the tub drain hole or set the maintenance of the wall opening manhole in the drainage end.
(3) various bathtub cold, hot water or mixed leading to its height should be higher than the tub on the level of 150mm, installation should not damage chromium plating layer. Chrome plated cover and wall should be close to.
(4) fixed type shower, hose shower its height can be installed according to the relevant standards or by user needs.
(5) the tub must be installed on a flat level check is smooth, not skewed. The upper side wall and tub combination application of sealant filled inlay very dense.
(6) the bathtub drainage and drainage pipe should be firmly connected compact, and convenient disassembly, the connection may not open.
3, sanitary ware, sanitary ware installation key points
(1) to the pipe installation angle valve height from ground to the angle valve center is 250mm, such as the installation of Siamese toilet should be according to sit inlet of the water from the ground height, but not less than 100 mm, water supply pipe angle valve center in the sewage pipe center left 150mm or toilet actual size location according to the general.
(2) low cistern toilet water tank the application of galvanized bolt spanner or galvanized metal expansion bolt. If the wall is a porous brick is forbidden to use the expansion bolts, water tanks and nuts should be used between the soft gasket, the use of metal hard potential.
(3) with a tank and a connecting seat, the back part of the tank shall be less than 20mm,
(4) the installation of the device shall not be less than 6mm of the galvanized steel expansion bolt fixed, the seat and nut between the application of soft gasket fixed, sewage pipe should be exposed ground 10mm
(5) toilet installation should first in around the water outlet at the bottom of the painted putty and then sitting toilet outlet aligning the sewer mouth slowly and downwards squeeze compacting fill level, the gasket nut, remove extrusion putty, in the periphery of the base with putty fill inlay very dense immediately with silk or cloth to wipe clean.
(6) the height of the overflow pipe in the water tank shall be less than 30 ~ 40mm of the wrench hole to prevent the water from the wrench when the water valve is damaged.
(three) sanitary ware installation note
1, shall not damage the waterproof layer. Has been damaged or no waterproof layer, to be waterproof, and through 12 hours of water leakage test.
(2), sanitary ware is fixed firmly, the pipeline interface is tight.
(3), pay attention to product protection, prevent knock of sanitary ware.
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