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Simple overview of surfing bathtub

Surfing bathtub is surfing massage bath, surfing bathtub comprises massage in the bath with circulating pipe connected with the water pump and set in the bathtub massage nozzle, on the circulating pipeline arranged with nano photocatalyst filtering device. Nano photocatalyst filtering device are arranged at both ends of the filter cylinder nano photocatalyst filters, and set in the core of activated carbon, the middle part of the filter cylinder. The filter cartridge is arranged in front of the massage pump. Circulating pipeline in the position of the backwater port of the bathtub is provided with a nanometer photocatalyst filters, the nano photocatalyst filtering net arranged in a backwater net cover and between the wall of the bathtub. The utility model two to five levels of filter device is arranged on the circulating pipeline, the first, second, fourth and fifth grade, the nano photocatalyst filtering net, the third level for the drinking water standards of activated carbon pellets as of water quality in the middle part of the processing layer; the five level filtering device can also have, according to the specific needs of customers or the environment, in order to meet different needs.

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